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Getting down Memory Lane med gymnastikken…

Går jeg tilbage gennem min egen gymnastikhistorie, så popper der nogle fantastiske oplevelser frem som er blevet hjulpet på vej af min tid med Verdensholdet 05/06.

Læs mere om Verdensholdet – se video og billeder fra deres afrejseopvisning.

JumpingDNA 125 år 981

Det hele starter med en tur til Feurwerk der Turnkunst i Tyskland med National Danish Performance Team i 2010. NDPT deltager med The Symphony og Trampet. Denne tur bliver startskuddet til en fantastisk rejse startende med Momentum Boys som deltager Talent 2010 og senere bliver holdet forvandlet til JumpingDNA.

The Sailor

The Sailor is the story about some sailors who are coming back to harbour and whats to party. They are doing a lot of differents tumbling at the air-track. Some girls are dancing and wants the men to stay.

The Bed

The Bed is a story about a boy who dreams. In his dreams, he begins to jump on the bed and as the dream goes on, he can almost do everything. The boy is flying around in the bed with some of his friends until he wakes up again. The Bed is a high level of coordination with a twist fun jumping skills.

The Trampoline

The Trampoline act is a very classic danish gymnastics act. It shows difficult jumps from 1 summersault with to triple rotations with twists.

The Symphony

The Symphony is a story about music conductor that can’t control his own music. Every time he plays the nodes is jumping all over the place. The Symphony is a tumbling act, with a high level of tumbling skills that includes humor and acting.

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